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Any information obtained by Bismarck-Mandan Parent Pal that is considered public information, including but not limited to business names, phone numbers, website addresses, street address, and event information, will be used as such for the sole purpose of listing a service, event, class, or other resource on the website.

Any personal information such as name, email, phone you provide to Bismarck-Mandan Parent Pal for the sole purpose of providing information, news, updates, or information such as contests will be used for that purpose only, unless you otherwise grant permission. We will not spam, and we will not share your contact information with anyone unless, at your request or ours, you grant permission to do so.

For measuring usability and website effectiveness, Bismarck-Mandan Parent Pal uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous user statistics on, for example, your browser type, operating system, screen resolution, and outbound clicks.


Bismarck-Mandan Parent Pal is a listing service, not a referral service. Bismarck-Mandan Parent Pal is not affiliated with and does not endorse any of the people, services, organizations, instructors, businesses, or any other listings on this site. Information for this site is gathered from a variety of public resources, and Bismarck-Mandan Parent Pal does not guarantee that the listings on this site are accurate, current or complete.

Furthermore, associations made with any of the people, services, organizations, instructors, businesses, or any other listings on this website are done at your own discretion. Bismarck-Mandan Parent Pal is not responsible for any accidents, illegal activity, or inappropriate associations that might occur as a result of these associations.


Bismarck-Mandan Parent Pal reserves the right to decline any listing or advertisement based on objectionable, controversial, or inappropriate content.

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