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About Parent Pal

What's Here: is a stop-and-go website of resources for parents and caregivers in and around our Bismarck-Mandan communities. On this site, you can:

  • Find family-based activities and events (Resources > Calendars)

  • Link to all the extracurricular opportunities for children (Arts & Education and the Sports & Fitness drop-down menus above.)

  • Get ideas for things to do as a family (What To Do? drop-down menu above)

  • Find day cares (Child Care > Day Cares)

  • Get ideas for birthday parties (Resources > Birthday Parties)

  • Get quick links to school websites (Schools drop-down menu above)

  • Get support from other parents (Resources > ParentingSupport Groups), and

  • much more.


My hope is that Bismarck-Mandan Parent Pal provides win-win-win opportunities: 1) becomes a resource for parents, which...

2) promotes local businesses, services, and events, which further...

3) builds lasting associations and friendships.


The resources for parents in Bismarck-Mandan are extensive, but how do new parents learn about them? I tried to follow the newspaper and online notices, but I found I was relying so much on word of mouth, and that word was often after the fact. As a web designer, I thought it would be great if I could pull all those resources together into one spot on a website...and so Bismarck-Mandan Parent Pal came to be. My goal is not to duplicate or compete with any of the resources out there but to provide a stop-and-go resource for parents to find and access those resources.


Have a suggestion?

Finding and managing all of the opportunities, resources, and links that are possible for this site is a big effort. If you know of a service, support group, activity, event, or other item missing from this site, or if you have an idea to contribute or a suggestion for improvement, contact me.

— Mary Jo Savageau

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